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Cre8build is a remodeling company that specializes in no tear-out of walls and floors. Cre8build also manufactures and distributes its own materials made out of crushed up limestone + quartz. We are the ONLY company that provides all of the services and products that we offer. (No competition!)
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The Details


We use Limestone for walls (vertical) and Quartz for floors ( horizontal).


This business model is highly profitable and will keep you as busy as
you want to be!


We promise to place 1 distributor per teritory to ensure that you will have no competition with
our product.

Business Model

We are looking for distributors that will SELL + INSTALL our products and are looking to run a successful business.

What We Do

Our mission is to use stone overlays to remodel homes and businesses across the country for a beautiful look and sturdy design. We aim to do this all for a fraction of the cost of a traditional remodel, without any tear out, and with minimal mess made in the process. The best part? It takes us far less time than a traditional remodel!


About Cre8 Build

Gary Pilant has been in manufacturing since the 1970s. Back then, the idea of stone overlay was just being introduced to the United States by European builders and manufacturers. Gary and others in the industry realized they could combine this European technology with American business processes and materials and refine it. The new product expanded to further applications and eventually, Cre8stone was born!

What People Are Saying

Just finished a total redo of our pool deck and front porch approach. What an incredible difference !! Gorgeous looking and the work was superb.

M. Hesselgrave
gold stars without reflection

The Professionalism, Quality, Experience and Punctuality of the workers was highly commendable! Also, they were very clean, friendly and attentive to making sure we were happy with the color and all the process.

Kim Lamoureux
gold stars without reflection

I couldn’t have gotten a better result from anyone! The crew was polite and respectful of the cleanliness factor. I didn’t have any mess to clean up and the result is spectacular.

Barbara Jacoby
gold stars without reflection

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